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1. Schakolad Chocolate Factory guarantees that orders will be delivered in good condition or the customer will be entitled to a full refund or order credit or free reshipment of the order, at the customer's option, provided that:
a. The order is delivered within 3 days of the date it is shipped.
b. The contact/delivery information is complete and accurate; and,
c. The order is personally received and signed for when it is delivered.

If the order is not delivered within 3 days of the shipping date, and/or, if the order is not personally received and signed for at the time it is delivered, this guarantee is void and Schakolad Chocolate Factory accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of the order.

2. Delivery Time and Conditions: Orders are processed within 24-48 hours. When temperatures reach 70 degrees or above we will ship products with protective packaging and may need to be upgraded to 2nd day shipping (shipping prices will increase). For orders placed on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, shipping date will be the following Monday or Tuesday. For Overnight Delivery, the order must be placed by 1PM EST in order for the delivery to be sent the same day. Shipping prices are based on U.S. shipping. International Shipping may cost extra (we reserve our right not to ship to certain countries).

If Schakolad Chocolate Factory anticipates any difficulty meeting the requested delivery date, the customer will be notified by email as soon as that determination is made.

Other than for sending an order in accordance with the customer's instructions in enough time for the order to be delivered in accordance with the carrier's delivery time representations, Schakolad Chocolate Factory is not responsible for timely delivery of any order and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS SCHAKOLAD CHOCOLATE FACTORY LIABLE OR IN ANY WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR DELAYS RESULTING FROM OR CAUSED BY THE CARRIER. Any claims for damage or errors in an order must be made, in writing, to Schakolad Chocolate Factory, within 24 hours of receipt of the order for replacement or refund considerations.

3. Weekend Delivery: In order to avoid the risk of melting in warm warehouses, Schakolad Chocolate Factory DOES NOT SHIP OVER WEEKENDS. Exceptions will be made only when the customer, in writing, completely waives the risk of loss due to temperature or handling damage and pays any and all additional costs associated with such shipments.

4. Shipping in Warm/Hot Climate Conditions: Schakolad Chocolate Factory will "cold pack" orders when it appears to be necessary, however, please make every effort to ensure that someone is at the delivery location as Schakolad Chocolate Factory accepts no responsibility for orders not received personally when delivered. "Cold Packs" do not last over 36 hours in heat above 75o F.


1. Shipping Charges: If not otherwise specified, orders will be shipped via UPS, USPS or FedEx at the discretion of Schakolad Chocolate Factory (excluding Alaska and Hawaii). Orders being sent to areas not covered by private carrier, orders being sent to a Post Office Box, if not otherwise specified, will be sent via US Postal Service Priority Mail service (2-4 day delivery, not guaranteed).
Shipping charges, if any, are calculated automatically by the carrier and indicated on the Shopping Bag prior to paying for the order; and, the shipping charge, if any, is added to the order when it is submitted for processing.

2. Contact Information: To insure that orders are delivered on time and properly and to insure that the shipping company can track an order quickly, if necessary, it is essential that the customer provide ACCURATE DELIVERY ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER INFORMATION on the checkout form! Since most orders are delivered during normal business hours, Monday-Friday, excluding Holidays, it is usually best if the customer provides a delivery address and phone number where the recipient will be at that time. If this information is not complete and accurate, Schakolad Chocolate Factory guarantee is void and Schakolad Chocolate Factory accepts no responsibility for damage to or loss of the order.

3. International Orders: We reserve our right not to ship to certain countries.
Questions regarding these shipping policies and instructions should be addressed to Schakolad Chocolate Factory by email, telephone.


Schakolad Chocolates are heat sensitive. After receiving Schakolad Chocolates and transporting it to a new destination, do not allow it to reach temperatures above 75o F without proper refrigeration.


For best flavor, please store and enjoy chocolates at room temperature (
70o to 75o Fahrenheit).


Our chocolates are made of the freshest ingredients, without preservatives of any kind and should be consumed within 7 days of delivery.


Schakolad Chocolates are best stored at room temperature (70o to 75o Fahrenheit). If refrigeration or freezing is necessary, please place in an airtight container and into a freezer bag. When ready to consume, please remove freezer bag from the container and allow chocolate to return to room temperature before consuming (fresh chocolates tend to change properties, such as color and freshness when frozen).


Schakolad Chocolate Factory stores are individually owned and operated and prices will vary between stores. Also, Store pricing could be different than Online pricing.